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February 23, 2020

I am sure you have seen the email from Dana Page sent on Friday, February 21. If you missed it, please search your email and read it. It is important to understand that the 101 job eliminations listed in the PKS (Particular Kinds of Service-AKA credential types) is a list of all possible cuts -well in excess of those actually planned. As the letter states, HR has over identified because schedules are not yet completed. The actual number will be closer to 60 and may be even fewer after accounting for resignations or retirements.

If you are planning to retire or know you will not be working for NVUSD please let HR know as soon as possible. It could mean one less teacher having to go through the anxiety of being laid off and wondering if they will be rehired. It may also avoid NVUSD losing some outstanding younger teachers.

The seniority list will be sorted by credential area and the skipping and tie breaking criteria will be applied after those details are adopted by the school board at their meeting on February 27th. Letters of possible layoff will be sent (post marked) to those affected on March 13th. If you receive a letter, please contact me so that I can set up your meeting with a CTA provided attorney who will confirm that the adopted criteria has been correctly applied to you specific credential and years of service. We have scheduled attorneys to meet with our members on March 19th.

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Deadlines for voluntary transfer requests are on March 6th. Please review Article 9 in our Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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NVEA/NVUSD Committee Work

Have you had the time to check out our NVEA/NVUSD Council Committee Matrix? This document has current information about Council Committees and where they are in the IBPS process.

A few Current Highlights:

  • Secondary Staffing - There is no change in the 168 student contact limit. There is no change in the class size limit of 36. District wide staffing allocations are contractually for middle school 26.75 to 1, and for high school 26.5 to 1.
  • CPGP - Discussion to continue with just paper and not on the digital platform.
  • Elementary Prep Time -Analysis was done on cost of all recess/supervision duty done by classified employees. -Plan for implementation when funds are available is in review.
  • SPED - Please see notes that are attached in matrix. We have also sent out a request for SPED teachers to document hours outside of their contract day.
  • Stipends - We are working on contractual language that will balance district wide equity with site autonomy. Different programs are requiring various leadership responsibilities. Our interest is to insure teacher voice in the defining of these roles. Because money is attached, there is also an interest in clear and equitable expectations. Tentative MOU going to council for review for middle school leadership roles.
  • Adjunct Duty - We are working on contractual language that will balance district wide equity with site autonomy. Tentative MOU going to council for review.
  • Family Leave- Reviewed various contract language.
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