Article of Confederations

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Articles of Confederation America's Worst Constitution

The Articles of Confederation were America's first attempt at a government after England.This first Constitution were made to be weak because they did not want another government that could abuse their rights of the people.

Article of Confederation Strengths

There's a lot of strengths of the Article of Confederations. One of the strengths were that they were the first self-government during the Rev. war. The second Strength is that they negotiated the Treaty Of Paris in 1783. It also helped with the land ordinates of 1785,and the North-west ordinates.

Article of Confederation Weakness

The weakness of the Articles of Confederation is that they lacked power to enforced law. They also lacked power in levy taxes. Including, Lacking of power to control trade among states.That required all 13 states to make changes in the Articles.

The North West Ordinance of 1787. strenghts

The strengths of the North west Ordinance of 1787 is that when the population is 60,000,they become there very own state. Also,They had banned Slavery in the terrritory.But when territory has 5,000 free adults (males) they can be elect by its own legislature. Settlers have the same rights and privilege as other citizens.

The North West Ordinance of 1787. Weakness

Some of the weakness of the North West Ordinance of 1787 is that the Congress had no power to coin money,so which meant that each state had gained there own currency. For example if you had traveled to another state,you wouldn't be able to use your money because that state has a currency is not the same as yours. Congress only didn't have the power to coin money, they couldn't impose tax. 9 out of the 13 states votes had to require to pass laws. Only one vote for each state,which meant the whole state had to agree on the topic because there was only one vote for each state. The Executive branches established to enforced law.

Shay's Rebellion Causes and Effects

The big Positive that they are getting a new consitutions and the government would be stronger and better.Since the congress was short on money, many people thought that the congress was weak. Farmers couldn't pay there debts so they got thrown in jails.