Wasif Siddiqui

How did I choose it?

Well, I've always liked photography but didn't know how to edit photos, so I thought about any programs that would help me edit photos. Then I thought of Photoshop and decided it would be a good subject to learn about.

Why is it important?

This topic is very handy because some photos cannot be retaken. If you've got a good photo that has a small issue like you put your finger in the photo a little bit, then you don't have to worry! All you've got to do is Photoshop it. If you decide to be a photographer for a newspaper or magazine, then you need your photos to look attractive, so people will read your paper.

Things I've Learned!

Changing the Background

In these past days I've been watching videos and researching Photoshop, and the first thing I had learned was how to change the background of an object in an image. This image is the original which I had done nothing to. The image below is that same image after I changed the background.
Big image

Now you see me; Now you dont....

With Photoshop I've learned how to make things "disappear." I've done this by using a "Patch Tool," which lets me highlight the object I want to get rid of. The object to the right is the image before it was Photoshopped, and the image under is the one that I've edited by making the 2 cars disappear.
Big image

Color Splash

With Photoshop I learned how to "Color Splah." This means I can change everything to black and white, but keep an object its original color. I would turn everything to black and white, and then go over the object with a tool, which would give it's color back to it. The image to the right is the original, and the image below is Color Splashed.
Big image

Eye Colors

With Photoshop I've learned how to change the color of someone's eyes. There are two ways to do this; you can either highlight the eye, and press the shades button, OR you could use soft light, which is what I've used below.
Big image

Color Changing

I had learned how to change eye color before, but I've found a better way to change the color of things with "soft light." All I have to do now is color over something in the color that I want then select soft light! Its much easier and gives me more color options.
Big image


For this project I didn't really need a lot of resources except for Photoshop and a computer. I also need photos, but those were not hard to find.

Independant Studying

I thought it was pretty cool that I got to learn what I wanted to learn instead of doing a project that the teacher planned out. I mostly watched YouTube videos to learn how to do things like make things disappear or change the color of an object.

Next Steps

For my next steps I would like to learn how to make thing look out of the ordinary, but also make it look natural like making a guy surf on a dolphin or make a pig actually fly! I would like to go deeper into the topic of Photography and really learn the more advanced things.