Week of May 13th...

LA Staff News


I need up to three teachers willing to be trained on ZSpace! What is ZSpace? In a nutshell, it is virtual learning. Example: while you go off site once a week to work on cars, kids can have an interactive way to continue their learning at LA through ZSpace. Using 3D glasses, the kids can work on a carburetor among many other thing (auto tech is just one of the modules)! If you are remotely interested, let me know. They want to know if you want PD in the summer or during inservice!

Monday: Joe Lutes observing today.

12:45 LHS Referrals tour LA

Tuesday: Seniors last day

SHOWCASE from 12:30-2:00: LPS staff, parents, partners, and patrons are invited to attend!! I have told Stacey to go ahead and ask if she can work during the day on Monday and Tuesday as I know that everyone will be in cleaning mode and it may be helpful if she can oversee us!

Graduation Celebration 2:00-2:50

Seniors-Computer Turn-in @2:30


LN Referred Students tour 10:00-11:00

KC Tech Academy/Magna Field Trip- Depart 12:15

5:00 Referred Students Meeting and tour


8:00 AM Referred Students Meeting and tour

8:30 Principals Meeting

4:30 Retirement Tea at SVMS


12:00 Referred Students meeting and tour

Upcoming dates to note:

May 30th: 11:00 MacBook Turn-In

May 31: Last day of school. NO BREAKFAST OR LUNCH.

Panorama Survey (yes, again)

It's time to take the Panorama survey again!

We have until May 23rd, but is there any way that there will be a senior cohort on Monday or Tuesday so we can get feedback from this large group??

Here is the info to take the survey. Basically, the key is to ask them to be earnest while taking it. If they are just going to click through without reading, we'd rather not have them take it.

Important LINKS to review as you participate in the Panorama SEL Spring Survey

LPS Panorama School Proctor/Coordinator Survey Link:


LPS Staff Panorama Login Link:


LPS Panorama Student Login Link:


*Note: Student login access code is similar to the winter survey*

The login access code for students is the letters and numbers before the @ symbol in their student email address.

Example: Sample student Jimmy Hope has a district email account. The email is jhop2263@lps53.org. Jimmy's student Panorama access code is jhop2263.

Retirement Tea on Thursday

Swing by for 5 minutes or stay for an hour! The annual LPS Retirement Tea is a great time to thank our colleagues, like Robin, for their contributions to education.

*Robin Anderson, Alternative Education Teacher, Liberty Academy

*Melanie Bowlin, Administrative Assistant, District Administration Center

*Andrea Busch, Kindergarten Teacher, Alexander Doniphan Elem.

Margaret Collins, Special Education Paraprofessional, Manor Hill Elem.

Steve Creason, Custodian, Heritage Middle School

Cathy Dawdy, Safety Trainer, Transportation

*Corby Downer, Social Studies Teacher, Discovery Middle School

Gary Farris, PE Teacher, Lillian Schumacher Elem.

*Stephanie Green, 1st Grade Teacher, Ridgeview Elem.

Tammy Hammen, PEAK Teacher, Alexander Doniphan Elem.

Esther Harder, Administrative Assistant, Liberty North High School

*Marty Jacobs, Principal, Liberty North High School

*Paula Johnson, Special Education Teacher, Early Childhood Center

Tammi Kennedy, Art Teacher, Liberty High School

Rosalie Kimbrell, Special Education Paraprofessional, Lillian Schumacher Elem.

*Mary Landers, 5th Grade Teacher, Franklin Elem.

*Erin Lankford, Special Education Process Coordinator, Liberty Middle, Schumacher, Doniphan

Sandra Leveridge, Bus Driver, Transportation Dept.

Kitty Long, Kindergarten Teacher, Ridgeview Elem.

Deb Martin, Art Teacher, Liberty High School

Marde Mason, Kindergarten Teacher, EPiC Elem.

Sandi McClary, Occupational Therapist, HMS, KB, RV, DMS, SVMS, LHS

Maureen McCubbin, Library Media Center Para, Lillian Schumacher Elem.

Janet Newland, PEAK Challenge Para, Ridgeview Elem.

*Lori Piepergerdes, 1st Grade Teacher, Franklin Elem.

Amy Shaff, 2nd Grade Teacher, Warren Hills Elem.

David Stadler, Cabinetmaker, Facilities Center

Trish Terry, 6th Grade Science Teacher, Heritage Middle School

*Annette Tracy, Music Teacher, Manor Hill Elem.

Doug Winkler, Social Studies Teacher, Liberty High School

*Denotes Attending Retirement Reception on May 16, 2019

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