Indian Crest Middle School

Monthly Newsletter - September

At Indian Crest we support all students in their academic, social, and emotional growth throughout their middle school years. Together we will strive for excellence and work to reach our full potential.

Welcome Back!

It is hard to believe we are wrapping up the third week of school and the fall season is approaching. Students have been busy learning new schedules, meeting new teachers, and making new friends. It was great to have such a full house for our Back-to-School Night, we thank you for attending.

Our goal is to provide a monthly newsletter at the beginning of each month to highlight what is happening at Indian Crest, upcoming events, and share resources. If there is additional information between the monthly newsletter we will utilize our parent email system. Also, our website is a great tool for general information, building calendars, and resources for parents.

As a school community we met in grade level townhalls last week to talk about how to have a successful year! We reviewed the student handbook, ALICE, and Safe-to-Say. There is additional information is this newsletter about each topic.

We also highlighted our student handbook during our townhall meetings. Two areas that we focused on were electronic use and dress code. The student handbook can be found on our school website at

Please note that a change from last year regarding cell phones, is that they should be off and away in a locker or back pack from the time students enter the building till the 2:45PM bell. Students have done a great job adjusting to this change and we believe it benefits all students in their ability to be present and learn.

WEB Welcomes our 6th grade families to the Indian Crest family!

Focus Block

We start each day in a Focus block. The intent of a Focus block is to support middle school students in their academic, social, and emotional needs.

All students will participate in Advisory on Mondays. Advisory is our social-emotional curriculum for all students. We utilize Responsive Classroom to support our Advisory block. Advisory is also a time where students may participate in school wide challenges.

Tuesday through Friday students will participate in intervention, enrichment, or engagement activities. Students also have the opportunity to report to a help room to catch up on work, meet with their IEP or ESL teacher, or meet with Gifted support. In many cases students choose their activity. There are situations where a student will be assigned based on need.

We change our Focus activities each marking period. We will send a list to parents prior to selection day.

Additional Information

Fall Fundraiser

We are currently in the middle of our fall fundraiser. Several communications have been emailed home already and the students are doing a great job so far. The fall fundraiser support our Student Activities at Indian Crest. All money raised goes directly back to students in the way of social events, team celebrations, defraying cost of field trips, promoting school spirit, enhancements to areas used by all students such as the library, and many more.

Parent Forum

We will host four Parent Forum Meetings this year. The purpose of Parent Forum is to have an opportunity to sit with parents and share what is happening at Indian Crest, solicit new ideas, and share the middle school experience. Once the four dates are solidified we will share with all parents.

Fall Sports Events

Students are permitted to stay after school to attend sporting events. We ask students to stay in block 6 until the walkers/car riders are dismissed and then report to the field. We also will remind students that it is a school event and we encourage positive cheering and have the expectation of following school rules.

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 26 - No School, Rosh Hashanah

Monday, October 3 - Fall Spirit Week

Wednesday, October 5 - No School, Yom Kippur

Thursday, October 6 - Crest Community Challenge, more Information to follow