Bridge to Student Success (BtSS)

Grades K-12

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The BtSS program is a support system for regular education students and families that focuses on the following:

  • Improving school attendance

  • Improving the consistency and quality of class work submissions

The BtSS program has four stages and is monitored by an Academic Advisor assigned to each student who works together with the Home Facilitator, classroom teachers, guidance counselors, and the principal to create a personalized support plan for the student.

Students will also be enrolled in a BtSS Moodle course that will include resources and information to help them succeed academically.

BtSS Policy K-12

K-5 Criteria

6-12 Criteria

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Grades K-5

Holly Hull x1701

Grades 6-8

Kathleen Pinto x1829

Grade 9

Brianna Hull x1726

Grade 10

Mike Evans x1523

Grade 11

Nancy Sykes x1063

Grade 12

Chris Keller x1148