The Cookie Diet

Jessica Bitner

About The Cookie Diet:

"Eat cookies and watch the pounds melt away!" -- Christina Kane

Specially made cookies that are high in protein and low in calories to keep hunger at bay and you only end up eating about 500 calories a day.

You can easily buy the cookies online. For example; you can buy 4 weeks worth of cookies for 240$

Recommended When on the Cookie Diet:

Exercise daily (nothing intense)

Drink only water

Eat cookies for breakfast and lunch, then eat a small "sensible" homemade dinner that's 500 - 700 calories.

Why Choose The Cookie Diet?

  1. Obviously, who doesn't want to eat cookies 24/7 AND lose weight?
  2. Product is vegetarian friendly
  3. Buying product is easy, no effort is needed
  4. Famous people such as Mandy Moore and Snooki are some spokespeople for the specific brand of Dr. Siegal's cookies and claim success

Heath Issues from Long Term Use of this Diet:

  1. Become malnourished - from the low amount of calorie intake
  2. Thyroid Disease - hormones are effected which will mess up your metabolism and could also effect your heart rate.
  3. Though the diet does work -- its not a healthy way to lose weight.
  4. Once you get off the diet, you regain the weight rapidly.
When this diet is compared to the food pyramid, it lacks variety. Mainly focusing on proteins to keep you full, and low calorie foods.