Badger Bulletin

October 19

School News

Early Intervention Conferences October 8th 4:30 to 8:00-Teachers Contact You

Register Now: Color Run on October 25th: $25

No School October 30th

Monday: PJ day

Tuesday: Nerd Day

Wednesday: Pink Day

Thursday: Twin Day

Friday: School Spirit

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ILA Classes

Stems: Students can practice on or by searching wwtw list 2 or 13.

Read 180: Students will be identifying story elements in the short story "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allen Poe. There is a stems 2 quiz on Friday.

Story: Students will be identifying literary devices. There is a stems quiz on list 3 and 11-15 on list 13 on Friday.

Glassman: Students will be working on a 4 paragraph literary analysis on a short story of their choice. On Friday, there is a list 13 stem quiz.


Lawson: Quiz on Friday on multi-step equations.

Ihlenfeldt: This week we will be solving equations with the variable on both sides (section 1.3). By the end of the week, we should be starting to rewrite equations and formulas (section 1.4).

Laufer: Took quiz last Wednesday on one and two-step equations. Spending the week working on multi-step equations with variables on both sides while utilizing algebra tiles.


All students have access to IXL to practice their math skills. Each class has different skill sets and skill levels to be working towards improvement. See link below. Students were also given their first "extra project" this week. It does not go into the gradebook, but earns them points toward gamification in the classroom. The project is due Oct. 16th.

1st Hour: Took quiz on 1.4. Mid-chapter test approaching early next week. IXL: A.1-A.5 (5)

3rd Hour: Took quiz on 1.4 last week. IXL: A.1-A.5 (6)

9th Hour: Took quiz on 1.4. Mid-chapter test approaching early next week. IXL: A.1-A.5 (6)


The Electricity class (Mr.D) is completing Key Words for 6.1. This quizlet is for the key words and should be practiced in their free time as there are many key words and they will be on the tests and in the labs.

Social Studies

Mrs. Miller: We will be working on a social studies project for class. A handout will be given to students on Tuesday. It will be due next Monday November 2nd.

Mr. Christopherson:

Mon: correct middle colonies quiz, introduce study guide, work time on study guide

Tues: study guide stations

Wed. Kahoot

Wed. after school, 3:20-4:00, test study session for extra credit

Thur. Colonies test

Mrs. Paulson:

Mr. Granzow: