Audio Engineering

Jason Chiappa

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What do Audio Engineers do?

  • Operate computers and equipment that record, synchronize, mix, or reproduce music, voices, or sound effects in recording studios, sporting arenas, theater productions, or movie and video productions.
  • Record audio performances or events and may combine tracks that were recorded separately to create a multi-layered final product.
  • Operate transmitters to broadcast radio or television programs and use computers to program the equipment and edit audio recordings.


Examples of Audio Engineering Careers

  • Recording engineers operate and set up the recording equipment used to capture and shape sounds for movies, radio, television, or music albums.
  • Sound mixers, or rerecording mixers, produce soundtracks for movies or television programs. They rerecord songs or compositions that already have been commercially released. After filming or recording is complete, these workers often dub the final product by adding or removing sounds.
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Yearly Salary

2014 Median Pay

  • $41,350 per year
  • $19.88 per hour