By Cora Klemme

Branch of Science

Being a veterinarian falls under life science because being a veterinarian works with animals and learning about animal reproduction. Also the medical field falls under life science. You have to perform surgery and give medicine to animals.

Education Path

In high school it would be helpful to take courses that include animal science, chemistry, public speaking, and statistics and probability. In college people who are looking to be a veterinarian should take classes including advanced courses in math, science, english, and social studies. Veterinarians must graduate from an accredited veterinary school and pass a licensing examination in the state where they want to practice. Veterinarians usually graduate from bachelors degree program in pre-veterinary science or one of the animal or life sciences. In order to get into veterinary medicine programs, they have to must receive letters of recommendation from their college professors. After four years of study, graduates receive degrees as Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. In order to do that they need to pass two national board exams as well as individual state exams.

Training Schools and College

The school that I would go to for becoming a veterinarian would be the University of Nevada, Reno. I chose this college because it is close to California and I could go to the beach a lot and have fun on weekends. Also the college is first division in sports. Another reason why I would like to go to this school is because it has made many great achievements. This school is located in Reno, Nevada. This school is in an urban setting, in a big city. The University of Nevada, Reno is a public school. It is a four year college. The student to faculty ratio is 22:1. This is a big school so there will be many different learning opportunities.


The average GPA that you would need to have to get into the University of Nevada, Reno is 3.36. The average ACT score is I between 18-23 and the average SAT score is in between 500-599.

About the Job

Veterinarians do many different things that make the community better. Veterinarians help health of animals through medicine and surgery. They also give information to the animal's owner on how to take care of their pet. Veterinarians work mostly with small animals such as cats or dogs. Or on the other hand they could work with big animals such as horses and cows. On berate veterinarians work between 45 to 80 hours per week. Some veterinarians are always on call in case there is an emergency. Th conditions that veterinarians work in vary. Veterinarians can be salaried employees or establish their own practice. For veterinarians who usually work with small animals, the animal comes to them in their office. But for veterinarians who usually work with larger animals have to travel to the large animal, and they have to bring along all of their equipment.

What Factors Effect Employment for This Job?

It all depends on where you work. If you work in a bigger city such as Minneapolis, then you will probably find more job opportunities. Where as in smaller cities such as Neenah then you probably won't find as many job opportunities.


The average salary for a veterinarian working in Wisconsin is a range of $48,790 to $125,850 and they get paid on a range of $23.46 to $60.50 an hour. The average salary for a veterinarian who works outside of Wisconsin would be a range of $49,910 to $145,230 a year and they get paid on a range of $24.00 to $69.82 and hour.


An employer for veterinarians in Wisconsin is Middleton Veterinary Hospital. This veterinary hospital is located in the Madison, Wisconsin. The William S. Middleton Veterans Hospital of Madison, WI has been providing care to America's veterans since 1951.


Being a veterinarian is definitely an option for me when I get older. Some cons of this occupation is that you have to work with patients that cannot communicate and that would sometimes be a challenge. Also working long hours that cut into personal time would also be a challenge. But the pride of knowing that I helped an animal fell better and helped the animals family will be all worth it.


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