7 Tips on Budgeting for Teens



Tip #1

Make a list of necessities that you need making sure that you spend your money on those products first.
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Tip #2

Don't spend too much money on clothes, try and wait for birthdays and Christmas for clothes to save money because clothes can be expensive.
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Tip #3

Plan out your budget and set a limit that you get to spend each week and month to keep your self controlled.
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Tip #4

Don't spend a lot of money on food like eating at restaurants all the time.
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Tip #5

Save a certain amount of money each paycheck for college and future needs like a car or house.
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Tip #6

Don't go out with friends as much spending money on movies and such instead just watch a movie at home.
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Tip #7

Impulsive buying is a big one for teens because you feel like its all your money to spend and theirs no negative side to buying stuff like crazy but impulsive buying will keep on making a dent in your money and then you wont have money saved for the future.