Negative and Positive stereotypes!

Stereotype project

Cleveland (Family Guy) (Negative)

In Family guy they display Cleveland as a Stereotypical African American, by the way he talks and acts. Also his family is stereotype in the way they act and behave. The president of the United States is African American and he doesn't act like this character in the show. So we can't label every African American like this.
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Consuela (Family Guy) (Negative)

They stereotype Latino woman by displaying them as house maids and can barely speak English. They make the Woman in the Latino community look bad and act as if every Latino woman is like this. There is a supreme court judge named Sonia Sotomayor that is Latino and is very successful. So not every Latino woman is a house maid.
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Apu (Simpsons) (Negative)

Apu is a storekeeper in Kwik-E-Mart in the Simpsons and is stereotyped because of being from Indian descent he is automatically portrayed as a store-clerk. They make him look like a stereotypical person who is from Indian Descent, and makes every Indian person look like a store-clerk.
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Russel Wilson (Football player Seattle Seahawks) (Positive)

Russel WIlson is an NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Ever since he was drafted people said he was to short to play football, but he proved them wrong. He is 5'11" and the average size of a NFL quarterback is 6'2"-6'3" so he is a very short quarterback, but he didn't let that stop him. During training camp with the Seattle Seahawks (the team he was drafted by) he won the starting quarterback job over Matt Flynn who got payed a lot of money as a free agent over the off-season He went on to have a great Regular season and take his team to the playoffs. So Russell Wilson silenced his critics and proved that he can do the same as a stereotypical quarterback.
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Barrack Obama (Positive)

He has changed American history by Becoming the first African American president, and he has changed the stereotypical African American for good. He has made everyone realize that all African Americans are not stereotypical. He has become very successful throughout his life despite turbulent times.
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Ray Lewis (positive)

Ray Lewis is a retired, 2X Super bowl winning NFL linebacker, who has become a very positive and successful role model. He was brought up in a rough house hold, but he didn't let that hold him back in his NFL career. He is the total opposite of a stereotypical African American he is a hard worker and has changed the way the linebacker position is played. He is a good example of not becoming a stereotype.
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