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The Media

The media, some say it’s all a secret organization watching every move we make, or just pure entertainment. Sooner or later every human being is going to find out the truth about the media. It isn’t just television and Hollywood but a great influence on humankind. The media influences all types of age groups, the main objective is to entertain or so they say. This world is already corrupted so everything the media puts out is just a movie of life. They brainwash humans seducing them with their advertisements and normal living that people don’t realize the danger they are getting into. The media is like the central part in what news may leak out into people’s television. They created social media so they can obtain the most information about every human. We are all brainwashed thinking it’s just a social meeting site but all our information is being leaked in the “organization”. To my surprise, the media actually let its people know about NSA and its special agents who control a good bunch of what we watch. Everything is being recorded, PlayStation have cameras hidden inside but is not visible to the naked eye. There are many things the media is not letting us know. Whatever it is, nothing can be hidden. The media hides a lot of what is going on in other countries. Maybe they are using all our information just to track down terrorist but it’s not just illegal but pure evil. You reap what you sow.

Superbowl : Cherrios Commercial

Cheerios 2014 Game Day Ad | "Gracie"


General Mills released a commercial presenting one of its famous brands, Cheerios, and a mixed racial family. Mills supports there commercial by displaying a comfortable mixed race enjoying a cheerios breakfast and the family is soon going to have another baby. The commercials purpose is not only letting people know there cereal is delicious for breakfast but it’s acceptable for families to be mixed in race. General mills advertisement was in a very family orientated tone for mixed race couples not to feel alone and other viewers to understand there actual purpose in the commercial.

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anorexic satire

News>health>society.issue 2376 March 11, 2014

Americas nationwide struggle is with people complaining not getting enough nutrients.

NEW ORLEANS – It has been a year since America was named for their unwholesome thin individuals. News reporter, Sarah binger interviewed a couple of individuals in their home last Friday to see how their diet is going. She noticed these individuals where complaining because they had no food in the fridge.

The state government is deciding on building fast food buildings because people just can’t seem to find food anymore. A government official john white said “ my wife and kids open the fridge and feel great sorrow. We believe we should start making soup kitchens for the high income areas because they just seem to be struggling the most.

No one knows the fate of America,, hopefully one day they will grow more crops and fast foods so everyone will be full and satisfied even when they are full.

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Gary Jules - Mad World (Phutureprimitive Remix) - Free Download by Phutureprimitive

goerge orwells mad world

I chose this specific piece of music because its lyrics are similar to the book 1984 in my opinion. In the son mad world, the artist dedicated it to a movie but the song itself has a lot of meaning. It portrays a society that is constantly doing the same things over and over again as in working. The world is mad because society is like an assembly belt always moving yet doing the same thing and that is not the true view of happiness. In his lyrics he says “Their tears are filling up their glasses.. No expression, no expression.. Hide my head; I want to drown my sorrow. No tomorrow, no tomorrow.” People are stuck in a mindset of doing the same thing without rebellion resistant. The problem in utopia was one man’s power and he wanted more until it became bad power.

Inclined to learn

You know or you don’t know the media, it’s still a daily activity in your life. It may influence us in a positive or negative way. My British literary class has filled me with knowledge I did not acquire before. The information I knew about the social media has changed dramatically. It’s not just pictures and social sites but a melting pot with everyone’s information that can leak if kept to long on the heat. I learned that not everything is true on the television. Commercials just want you to buy their products and they will say the best things just to get your attention. Greedy or not everyone is self-righteous and want things. It is important to remember we must help others so we may help ourselves. This class is very unique because not only did we watch and read interesting novels but learned the secret or moral behind them that similar to our society. We watched many interviews and accounts on people who have made great mistakes and they have experienced life and the hardships you might face so us viewing there examples may help us in the future. This class opened my mind a lot and I now view many things as media or the market differently.

I think my teacher teached in a knowledgeable way full of wisdom and high expectations. The assignments were given with decent amount of time and respectable issues. She has high standards for us and brought our mentality up there as well. I think this class was a success and will defiantly impact my life presently and in the future as well. The last literature classes I took throughout the years did not go over these topics profoundly. This senior class has made me realize the makeup behind enterprises and history. I hope I may distance myself from influences who make me believe this is the way to live, believing in there scheme.