Nazis Daily

The journey of a fourteen year old spy

Nazis Reign

Norway has been invaded by the Nazi Germans and fourteen year old Norwegian Espen is trying to stop them. He has joined a secret resistance in the mountains and is starting by delivering illegal newspapers. He soon graduates to courier and finally sets out to spy on the Nazis.

The setting of Shadow On The Mountain is in the snowy terrain of Norway during World War ll. Each chapter follows these three key characters Aksel, Espen, and Espen’s brave little sister Ingrid.

The problem in Shadow On The Mountain is that the Nazi Germans have invaded Norway and are killing and putting Norwegians in jail and sending them to hostile camps. Espen is trying to stop them. His main problem is person to self because he was caught spying at the Nazi’s base and now has to protect his sister and himself. He has to flee to Sweden. Espens friend Kjell has also joined the resistance, but is he really on Espen's side or is he secretly working for the Nazis?

Ingrid is Espen’s little sister who wants to join the resistance and starts stealing ration cards from the Nazi’s. Now Espen worries she will get recognized by the Nazis and could be killed. Aksel is the neighborhood bully. Aksel also is one of Espens arch enemies and despises Espen, because of when he embarrassed him in a soccer match. Even though Espen went through all these harsh conditions such as being shot, saving his family, spying on the Nazis, and going up the booby trapped mountain he held his head high and moved forward even when he thought all hope was lost. When the resistance chief was dying, or when Aksel shot Stein, and when the Nazis were threatening his sister, Espen never gave up. He helped people in life threatening situations. He risked his life to keep other people safe.

The Oleanna

Connor Browder

Espen is a caring character because when Espen found out that Ingrid his little sister was the one stealing the ration cards from the Nazis he warned her not to get involved with the Nazis. Espen cared about her very much and didn't want her to get hurt. This is shown when Espen, said “Germans were trying to be friendly at first, and they let us get away with things. but now, they are like hungry wolves, ready to devour anyone and everyone.” (PG.174-175).This showed that he is caring because he is warning his sister to stay away from the Nazis showing that he cares about her and doesn’t want her to get hurt. Espen did this for his country for his friends and family. Not for himself.To save his family and friends he fled on a long hard dangerous journey up a steep mountain to Sweden going through harsh conditions like starvation, and avalanches. he was even shot in the thigh. He chose to go up the mountain sacrificing his life even though he didn’t have to.

The Norways Revolution

The Norways revolution
1) The first fact from the story to help the reader understand what life was like in Nazis period is when on page 6 Kjell screamed “ German Fighter!” “They strafe anything that runs”. I think that means that there whole life was controlled by the Germans when you they shoot anything that runs.
2) The second fact is on page 211 when the author wrote “Ingrid was seized by two gestapo officers and two guns pointed at her” telling me that the Nazis were very mean and cruel pointing two whole guns and threatening to shoot her.
3) The third fact is on page 175 when Espen said “Germans were trying to be friendly at first, and they let us get away with things. Not anymore. Now they are hungry ready to devour.” This tells me that the Nazis Germans really wanted to take over Norway without mercy even if they had to kill everyone.


This is the real Espen
  1. Aase-berit Grindall; Espens brother, Alv Magnus, and Erling Storrusten lounge in the garden.
  2. Lillehammer Tourist Hotel. The hotel and the surrounding forests were the headquarters of the Germans in Norway after they retreated from Finland in 1944.
  3. Nazi soldiers march along a street in Oslo, Norway(1940).

Norwegins vs. Nazis

1.The Germans Invade Norway in the 1940s

2.Nazi soldier march down a street and Oslo representing that they now own Norway

3.The Nowegins surrender to the Nazis 1940s

4.The lilliehammer hotel in Norway was the Nazis secret base after they retreated

5.The Norwegian Campaign, lasting from 9 April to 10 June 1940, led to the first direct land confrontation between the military forces of the Allies — United Kingdom and France— against Nazi Germany in World War II.

6.Around the 1960s the Nazis are destroyed by the French and the Americans