White Rock Elementary

Principal Update 5/2/16

Board Discusses LH Growth, Community Survey

At the April 27 study session, the RISD Board of Trustees discussed bond planning related to enrollment growth in Lake Highlands and reviewed results of a community survey.

The Board reviewed and discussed the results of a survey of stakeholders regarding the two core alternatives recommended for Board consideration by the Lake Highlands Reflector Committee: construction of at least one new K-6 school or construction of separate 5th/6th grade centers at the LH-area junior high campuses. Highlights from the survey included:

  • 2,836 total responses were received, including respondents who identified with each of the RISD schools located in Lake Highlands. LH-area responses made up 92.3% of all responses.
  • 58.6% of respondents favored a K-6 school option compared to 41.5% favoring a 5th/6th center option.
  • 68% of respondents either strongly or somewhat supported a K-6 school option.
  • 50% of respondents either strongly or somewhat supported a 5th/6th grade school option.

Acting Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Stone asked the curriculum & operations team to present advantages and disadvantages of both options, including instructional implications. Trustees and staff again discussed awareness that the location of one or more potential new schools is a significant factor for many stakeholders.

Trustees will continue to evaluate the data, projections, reflector committee work, instructional implications, survey results and other stakeholder feedback. The Board intends to arrive at a decision regarding the best instructional delivery model to address enrollment growth in Lake Highlands at the May 2 regular meeting.

Muffins With Mom

Thursday, May 5th, 7-8am

9229 Chiswell Road

Dallas, TX

Parents will not be able to walk their child to their class. Once the 7:50 bell rings, please give your child "hugs & kisses" and send them to class. Thank you for your support with this and helping us get started with our instructional day on time.

PTA Meeting

Thursday, May 5th, 8-9am

9229 Chiswell Road

Dallas, TX

The meeting will be held at the outdoor learning center.


If you plan to enroll your child online, the deadline is May 13th. Marcy Taylor will be notifying parents who have not completed any enrollment or have items missing. Thank you in advance for getting all paperwork into the school office.

STAAR Testing Next Week

With STAAR testing on the horizon, here are some ideas for how parents and White Rock can partner together to create the optimum testing environment for our Seahawkers.

Goals for our students, which the school and parents share, are to ensure a secure testing environment and to give every child the opportunity to do their best work. With that in mind, we will be unable to have visitors or volunteers in the school on testing dates indicated below. At home, Get your kids in bed early, provide a healthy breakfast, and send your child to school with a sweater or light jacket in case the room is cool.

Please help us avoid classroom interruptions for student checkouts for appointments or early dismissals on testing days.

Thank you for partnering with us to provide the best testing environment possible for our students. As a reminder, here is the STAAR schedule:

May STAAR Testing Dates

5/9 - 3rd, 4th & 6th Grade Math and 5th Grade Math Retest

5/10 - 3rd, 4th & 6th Grade Reading and 5th Grade Reading Retest

5/11 - 5th Grade Science & Make Ups (if needed)

5/12 - STAAR Make Ups (if needed)

Lunch will be served for all STAAR testing grade levels at 11:30

In addition, there will be no after school activities and no primary or intermediate gifted services 5/9-5/12.

May Events

Friday, May 20th: 3rd - 6th grade Kickball Tournament

Wednesday, June 1st: Annual 6th grade vs. staff softball game

We would like to invite all family members out to cheer on both students and staff as we play our annual games. If you would like to bring water and shade tents out, please get with your room representatives. We are in need of both items. More information about start times will be forthcoming.

Portable Classrooms

To accommodate enrollment growth at White Rock next school year, we will have two portable classrooms installed as a short-term solution while the RISD school board works to determine the best long-term solution. This will allow us to accommodate more of our White Rock families. The portable classrooms will be ready in time for the 2016-17 school year in August.