Pauline Cushman

Spy of the Civil War

Early Years

Pauline was born on June 10, 1833, in New Orleans. When Her family moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan she did not like living there and, at the age of 17, she ran away to New York, where she became an actress. When she had worked for a while as a actress she met her husband, Charles Dickinson. She had 2 kids, Charles, and Ida. Soon after her Husband died of dysentery, she got a request to say a toast to the Confederacy during one of her performances. The Union saw how close she was with the Confederacy and took advantage of the opportunity. They recruited her to act as a spy for them.

Contributions to the Civil War

She continued to be a spy for the Union, collecting various information, and Intel, on the Confederate army. Such as: battle movements, war tactics, and plans of where they are going to fight next.

Life after the Civil War

While making her way back to a Union base, she was caught and arrested by the Confederacy under suspicion of treason. After the arrest was made she was tried for treason and found guilty. A few days later she fell sick in the prison, delaying her hanging. She was rescued by advancing Union soldiers, just 3 days before her planned execution. Soon after that she was sent home to Nashville, where she retired her spy days. During the war both of her children died. At the age of 60 on December 1, 1893 Pauline died from overdose of narcotics. She is now buried in the officers circle at the Presidential National cemetery.

Interesting facts about Pauline Cushman

~Her birth name is Harriet Wood

~She married a second time to August Fichtner