RUF at Meredith College

An update from Amy/January 2015

RUF at a women's college?

Meredith College is one of a number of colleges and universities, public and private in the "Triangle" area, as this portion of North Carolina is known. In the last few years, RUF has established presence on a number of these campuses (you see us pictured here: staff from UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, NC State and Meredith!). This is an exciting time for RUF. So I am often asked, "What does RUF Meredith look like amidst all these larger campuses?" "How many girls have you met?" "What are you doing everyday?" While I don't have all the answers just yet, here's a sample of some that I'm learning:
  • 25% of Meredith's campus is considered, "multicultural."
  • The average class size is 17.
  • Undergraduate enrollment is about 1500 women representing 26 states and 40 countries.
I landed on campus November 1st with five names and numbers on my phone. Since then, I have begun to meet more students and administration. Much of my time during the week is spent connecting with Meredith alumni in the area as well. These women in particular are very valuable to me as I seek to lay a foundation for RUF at Meredith College.

How has God used your financial support in 2014?

The last few months have been full of transition for me. I am so very thankful for many of you who have continued to generously give the financial support needed to fund this work thus far. These gifts of yours (monthly and one-time) have made it possible for me to make a move 500 miles from a city I've called home for 16 years to a city that I do not yet know.

  • These gifts made it possible for me to receive some much-needed car repairs in November! THANK YOU!
  • Your continued monthly and one-time gifts this fall also made it possible for me to attend December Training with RUF in Denver this month 12/8-12/12. Again, THANK YOU!

New Year, New Budget!

Since coming on as sole staff with RUF at Meredith, my budget has changed significantly. At Samford, my budget for ministry to students was about $35K/year, that's everything. My budget now is on average estimated to be at least about $20K HIGHER than that each year beginning NOW at the start of 2015. Some of this is cost of living, continued health insurance coverage as well as a much-needed "pay raise" for me from intern status to staff status. If you are currently a monthly donor, thank you so very much! Please consider increased monthly giving to reflect this increased monthly need. For those of you who are not monthly donors, please consider how you can give toward this additional need for the present school year and even beyond, whether that be through joining on monthly or giving a one-time gift. If you would like to see this budget in more detail, please contact me and I will be glad to share more detail about that with you.

The link below will direct you straight to my donation page on the RUF website. Scroll down there and you will see more.

Thank you so much and please let me hear from you!