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Foundations & Essentials 10, Challenge Week 13

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~ Verse Cards for Thanksgiving ~

Cut these out and talk through a few of them with your kids, put on your Thanksgiving Table. post around your house... A reminder of who is worthy of our Thankfulness.

Foundations: Digging Deeper At Home

Lots of neat ideas here!

An older video, but a beautiful example of Tin Whistle "Lord of the Rings"

A fun way to review Geography (and more links to click...)

What are Shoguns?

Ideas for Nature Walks & this one

Parts of leaves & Leaf parts

Who was Confucious?

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(Idea and resource overload here - click at your own risk :) )

Essentials is often a difficult transition time for families. Because many parents dont have a solid grasp of English Grammar, because writing is highly subjective and hard to critique, and because students are transitioning in their learning stages and also developmentally, Essentials is a unique opportunity for students and parents to work together on a difficult subject. Click on the title for a great article to bring some more insight into the wonderful Essentials Program.
A Day in the Life of an Upper Challenge Student, Kirsten & Kayla

Challenge Overview for Week 12

  • Challenge A is continuing to work through the 4th and 5th Declension, Practicing drawing the Western Hemisphere and Europe, and Researching amphibians for Science.

  • Challenge B is finalizing their research plan for their Science Fair Project, finding Bible verses to go with their current event topic, Whether the federal government should raise the minimum wage.

  • Challenge I is working on their Shakespere Projects, talking about dating vs courting using the Ravi Zacharias "I Isaac take thee Rebekah", and finishing "To Kill a Mockingbird" and thinking about an issue for their persuasive paper.

  • Challenge II is reading "Jane Eyre" and define a Bildungsroman (?), Reading about the genetics of an organism, and finalizing their Timeline notebooks and Art Lecture
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