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The Gentle Land

Portugal is a country in the Iberian Peninsula west of Spain. Portugal also owns 2 islands; the Azores and Madeira Islands. Funchal is a popular city in Madeira. There you can watch the Flower Festival. Portugal isn't very big, in fact, it's about as big as the state Indiana. Though it's still full of bustling cities and breathtaking beaches. Portugal has a population of about 10.8 million people. In Portugal you can visit the Carnival or go and try some of Portugal's famous wine. Whatever it is you will definitely enjoy Portugal.
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This is the Portuguese flag. It was adopted on June 30, 1911.


Places to Visit

Visiting Portugal doesn't mean you have to visit the capitol, Lisbon, you can visit other various places. Though, Lisbon is a great place to visit. Lisbon has the Monument of Discoveries and many types of architecture throughout the city. The Monument of Discoveries is a monument for Prince Henry the Navigator. The monument is a ship with many famous Portuguese figures. Cascais is a wonderful place to go if you like looking a beautiful seascapes or if you like hanging out at the beach. It's in southern Portugal and is filled with beaches of all kinds. Another must go place is Funchal. Funchal is a city in the island Madeira. Also other places to visit in Madeira includes the Laurisivla forest and the town, Santana, Madeira. The Laurel Forest is an evergreen filled forest. The town, Santana, Madeira is a small village with traditional houses which have sloping triangular roofs. The houses all have red doors and there are many flowers and plants. It's almost like being in the smurf village! If you like to spend your time learning instead of shopping than you should go to the Lisbon City Museum. The Lisbon City Museum tells the history of Lisbon through ancient artifacts, maps and prints. The Ancient Art Museum is just what it sounds like. It's full of ancient paintings and artifacts. This museum holds many gifts that other countries have given to Portugal.
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This is the Monument of Discoveries in Lisbon, Portugal. It was created in the name of Prince Henry the Navigator.
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Special Occasions

In Portugal, there are many festivities to visit like Carnival, the Flower Festival, Christmas and many more. Carnival is the celebration of giving up meat before Lent. People dress up in costumes, sing, and dance. Then they fill the streets with colorful floats. Carnival is a very lively and colorful holiday. In Funchal the people there have the Flower Festival which is to celebrate that springtime is about to arrive. The people cover floats with many flowers found in Funchal and parade through the streets. Many artists make beautiful floral carpets. The Flower Festival is a very beautiful and good smelling festival to go to. In Portugal, Christmas is almost celebrated like us. They sing carols, hang decorations and bake lots of goodies. One type of goodie is a Bolo-rei which means king's cake. Inside of the cake there is a bean, whoever finds the bean in their slice of cake will have to buy the next Bolo-rei.

Yummy Portugal

Food is very important to the people of Portugal since they eat the most food in Europe. Bacalhau, dried salted cod, is a very popular dish. Since Portugal is near the ocean, the people there eat a lot of sea food like sardines, mackerels and swordfish just to name a few. There are many other types of food that the Portuguese like to eat like Caldo verde, Caldeirada and Cozido a Portuguesa. Caldo verde is a very famous soup made of potatoes, cabbage, olive oil and sausages. Caleirada is a fish stew. Cozido a Portuguesa is a dish with rice, meat, potatoes and vegetables. Portugal is very famous for it's wine. The Portuguese also have lots of delicious sweets like Bolo-rei, Arroz Doce, Fiovos de Ovos and Leite Creme. Bolo-rei is a traditional cake eaten around Christmas. The cake has a hole in the middle and is filled with crystallized fruit and traditional fritters. Arroz Doce is a sweet rice pudding. Fiovos de Ovos is technically threads of egg. The egg yolk is made into threads and boiled in syrup so it's really sweet. Leite Creme made of cream, eggs and toasted sugar. In France they call it Creme Brulee.
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Portuguese Sports

In Portugal, the most popular sport is soccer or as they call it football. In Portugal you would see many kids playing soccer. There is a game called matraquilhos. It's a game about soccer and the game pieces are soccer players. Another thing that the Portuguese like to do is the go swimming in one of Portugal's many beaches. At the beach people swim, play soccer(of course!) and surf. During the summer most Portuguese people go to the beach. Portugal is also very famous for it's horses. The bullfighters there go around dodging the bulls on their horse. In Portugal they don't end up killing their bulls in the ring.

Your First Words (In Portuguese)

In Portugal they speak Portuguese(duh) but the people in Portugal also understand Spanish since their languages are so similar. In Portuguese schools they also learn English and French. Hello in Portuguese is Ola and Good-bye is Adeus. Yes is Sim and No is Nao. Please is Por favor and thank you is Obrigado. Eu nao falo Portugues means I don't speak Portuguese. If you need to use the restroom then say Onde e o banheiro.


In Portugal instead of using the U.S. dollar, people use the Euro. The Euro is the currency that almost every country in the EU uses it. Portugal used to use the Escudo. One Euro is equal to about 1.34 U.S. dollars. So one U.S. dollar is about 0.75 Euros.
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Portugal's Goverment

Portugal is a republic. If you're a republic then that means the decisions are made by the people of Portugal. They have a democracy. Their President is Anibal Cavaco Silva. Portugal is also part of the EU. The voting age in Portugal is 18 years old.



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