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Challenge of the Week

How did last week go challenge-wise for all of you? I am going to be up front and honest. I did not meet my personal goal. I have a TRX Suspension System at home. I knew that this week was going to be a tight week, as my Dad was going in for open heart surgery. So, my goal was to use my TRX at least once at home. Did I do it? Nope. My week went sideways and things with my Dad got tricky. So my goals changed. I switched it up to, "I will try to walk outside of the hospital a few times." And I did do that. Those of you who know me know I am pretty passionate about food and fitness. But this week, I knew my goals had to be different. I am sharing this with all of you, because I see so many people encounter a set back and then beat themselves up and think the change they desire isn't possible. It IS possible. Small changes and perseverance makes all the difference. Just keep at it.
So, in the spirit of keeping at it, this week's challenge is to email me your answer to the question, "What or who inspires you to make healthy choices in your life?" I have posted my answer to that question below. Feel free to include a photo as well if you'd like. I would love to share these responses in the next newsletter. Please let me know if you would NOT like me to share your response.
Week 3-What inspires you to make healthy choices in your life? Email your response to Kate by Wednesday, March 25th to be entered to win a $35 gift card to Endurance. We will draw the winner Thursday at school.
Week 4-(Spring Break Week)-
Accumulate at least 20,000 steps in one day. Those who have met the 20,000 step mark over spring break will be entered to win our second prize drawing when we return to school.

Worth Checking Out...


This week's challenge asks all of us to think about what inspires us to move and make healthy choices. My inspiration is my Dad. For as long as I can remember, my Dad has been on the go. He bought me my first "real" bicycle when I was just 10 years old. It was a French racing bicycle. I can still remember being the only girl in the bicycle shop when we went to pick it up. My Dad proudly told me that I was ready for a real bicycle. From that day forward, my Dad and I have been riding our bikes together on all sorts of rides. We've done the Hilly Hundred several times, we rode our bikes across Iowa together for RAGBRI. We've done century rides together and have been up and down the Monon with an ice cream stop at Bubs more times than I could count.
I addition to cycling, my Dad ran his first marathon in Chicago in his 50s. I was so inspired by him that I decided to run one as well. He and I ran together when I completed my first marathon at Fort Benjamin Harrison. Then we figured we might as well do another one. So we ran the Minneapolis Marathon together as well. I know that I would not be the active person I am today if it had not been for my Dad's constant encouragement to get out there and do something.
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