Nikhil's journey with Camp Explore

Nikhil shares his awesome experience from Camp Explore 2012

Nikhil shares his experience from Camp Explore 2012

iReboot's Camp Explore 2012 was the first ever workshop which I have attended. It turned out to be a great journey and I am glad I attended Camp Explore.

For me personally, the journey began with photography, being a chef, going on air, and exploring 13 other careers.

I was always scared to be on air, never tried it but being a part of iReboot Camp Explore 2012 gave me a chance to be on air, which built confidence in me..

I met new friends with many talents in one or the other fields.

I loved my first workshop and that has encouraged me to do other workshops. Also by joining iReboot's Camp Explore, I found out what my interest is and what to do next.

Guys who ever is planning to join camp explore 2013, please do so because it's a great thing to explore.

Thank you so much iReboot for such an awesome journey and a wonderful experience.