SJI International Elementary School, Singapore

Summer Term: Week 1 Friday 8th April 2016


Dear Parents,

Our new unit of work is entitled 'What a Wonderful World'. This unit focuses on the geographical features of our world by asking the following question:

How has our Earth come to look and behave the way it does?

Natural forces have been shaping our planet for many billions of years and these dramatic changes are still going on, right now, all around us. Throughout this unit we will be learning more about the physical processes that shape our planet – and the vital role that we play in safeguarding our planet and its resources for future generations.

The IPC Key Learning Goals to be assessed are:

Geography 3.13 - Be able to use a variety of sources to gather geographical information.

Geography 3.15 - Be able to identify geographical patterns and to use knowledge and understanding to explain them.

International 3.5 - Be able to identify how the lives of people in one country or group are affected by the activities of other countries or groups

By the end of this unit, children will:

Know about the major biomes of the world and the life forms and environmental conditions within each one.

Know about the four distinct layers that make up the Earth's crust.

Be able to use maps of different scales to locate various places regions around the world.

Understand the importance of long term human impact on our natural environment.

Our Personal Goal for this unit is Adaptability.

Adaptability means changing how you approach and think about a task to help you learn it.

Parents, please do get in touch with us if you feel that you can offer your expertise to expand the children's learning in any way.


In Geography, we'll be finding out:

  • About different regions and environments around the world
  • How to use different types of map to find out information
  • About the forces and processes that shape our planet
  • About extreme weather events and how they affect people and localities
  • About the possible causes of climate change and its effects on our planet


In Science, we'll be finding out:

  • About the movements of the Earth, Sun and Moon and how they affect us

  • About the water cycle and how clouds are formed


In International, we'll be finding out:

  • About local and global environmental issues
  • How different international aid groups and charities are helping those affected by environmental issues


In Mathematics, students will be focusing on:

Four Operations of Decimals

  • Add and subtract decimals of up to 2 decimal places

  • Carry out multiplication of decimals within the multiplication tables

  • Multiply and divide decimals up to 2 places by a 1-digit whole number

  • Estimate the answers of calculations involving multiplication

  • Carry out mental division of decimals within the multiplication tables

  • Solve up to 2-step word problems involving the 4 operations

Data Handling: Tables and Graphs

  • Able to read and interpret tables and line graphs
  • Able to solve problems using data presented in tables and line graphs


  • Able to determine whether a straight line is a line of symmetry of a symmetric figure
  • Able to complete a symmetric figure with respect to a given horizontal/vertical line of symmetry


  • Able to design and make patterns
  • Able to identify the unit shape in a tessellation
  • Able to make different tessellations with a given shape


In Language Arts, students will be focusing on:

Fantasy Quests

Students will learn about the main elements of a Fantasy Quest and how it differs from other genres of writing. By reading Fantasy Quest stories during reading time, the students have been immersed into this style of writing. They will plan their own writing idea through brainstorming and develop characters. Using descriptive language the students will create unique and imaginative characters to be part of their fantasy quest.

Students will:

  • Describe settings, characters and atmosphere and integrating dialogue to convey character and advance the action.

  • Experiment with literary language to describe (e.g. powerful nouns and verbs) and compare (E.g. metaphors, similies).

  • Link ideas across paragraphs using adverbials of time (e.g. later), place (e.g. nearby) and number (e.g. secondly) or tense choices (e.g. he had seen her before).

  • Edit and revise work to ensure they have maintained a consistent use of the appropriate tense.

Persuasive Writing

In the second half of the term, we will be learning about Persuasive Writing. This unit will be closely linked to our IPC unit.


The students will be focusing on reading Fantasy novels as part of their Guided Reading groups and activities this term. We will be using a reciprocal reading approach to the guided reading groups that allows for deeper discussion and comprehension about the texts they are studying. The students will complete comprehension and response activities based on the books they are reading in small groups and as a whole class.

Students will:

  • Read a range of fantasy texts
  • Identify the purpose and audience of an fantasy text
  • Identify the key features of fantasy texts
  • Identify the structural, layout and navigational features of a fantasy texts


The unit for the Summer Term is called "The American Influence".

This unit introduces American History through songs. The children will learn about the age of exploration and the first Americans, the Native Americans and their culture, the American Civil War, The Miners and the Names of the States.

This unit will include the following musical elements:

● To sing songs expressively

● To sing in parts

● To sing solo

● To incorporate instruments to accompany the songs


In Art, we will be linking to the classroom unit titled 'What a Wonderful World.' We will be creating collograph plates of biomes and animals which we will print using the printmaking process. Children will become knowledgeable about different types of printmaking and artists who use these techniques. To help us with this project, we will develop skills in working with texture and pattern, drawing and collage.


In Grade 4, children will be continuing their gymnastic activity unit focusing on trampolining. We will also be starting a Striking and Fielding Unit later in the term. The Grade 4 Swimming programme will also be continuing for most classes.

In Trampolining, children will:

  • develop consistence bouncing with improved height and landing and with limited travel
  • use the correct body positions to show tuck, straddles, pikes and half and full twists
  • become confident in landing on various body parts as is required for seat-drop, swivel hips, front drop and back drop
  • begin to make sequences more complex by reducing contact time with the bed
  • learn how spot reliably and ensure that safety checks are fulfilled

In Swimming lessons, students will:

  • develop endurance and power arm and leg action in a range of swimming strokes showing improved efficiency
  • be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in own and others’ performance
  • improve breathing and body position in a range of strokes to improve efficiency in the water using feedback and observation
  • be able to show a range of starts and finishes including racing starts and tumble turns
  • develop knowledge of water safety and survival techniques


This term, we continue with our exploration of new, innovative and exciting technologies with our journey into terraforming exciting new biomes, new worlds using industry standard 3D software.

Students will become more knowledgeable about:

  • Using a range of Google apps for research, design and sharing of ideas
  • Being a responsible digital citizen
  • How to effectively moving from a 2D idea, to a 3D result
  • Why Unity 3D can be another effective tool that they can now use to present their work

To help us with the unit, we will develop technical skills of:

  • Confidence in using their school Google accounts to manage the planning of their unit of work
  • Proficiency of using a computer to experiment with, and manipulate a range of 3D objects, including: Terrain tools for terraforming, textures for creating a realistic terrain, adding water, weather systems, animals and a range of other 3D models.
  • Being able to think critically, self ­assess and formulate feedback to better direct future experiences


In Chinese, the children will be working on two units.

From Weeks 1 - 5, the children will be working on:

Unit 5 - Please Come To Play At My House

● Revise greeting words

● Learn to make phone calls

● Learn about birthday invitation

● Learn vocabulary and sentences associated with birthday celebration

From Weeks 5 - 11, the children will be working on:

Unit 6 - What classes did you have today?

● Learn basic conversation regarding school

● Learn names of different subjects

● Learn about school activities

We will finish the term with a revision for all Grade 4 units.

Note from the PE Department

Xpress Swimming Timetable (April 2016)

The SJIIES Swim Galas are fast approaching (week starting 2nd May) and children are working very hard during swim lessons, preparing for their events. Those classes who are currently on a the Land PE Block will be given an Xpress Swimming Unit for 2 weeks so that they too can have preparation and practice time for their Galas.

These swimming lessons are as follows:

Grade 4 JKa

Wednesday 20th April @ 2pm (doubling up with 4ABo)

Wednesday 27th April @ 2pm (doubling up with 4ABo)



The Structure of the Earth: The home learning for the next two weeks is to research the structure of the Earth and display findings in a medium of choice. For example, this could be as a report or a poster or a model.


Mon: Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 1 Pages 61-62

Tue: Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 1 Pages 63-64

Wed: Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 1 Pages 65-66

Thu: Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 1 Pages 67-68


This week we will continue our study of suffixes, focusing in particular on -sion and -ssion.

Words to be learnt this week;

confusion, explosion, transfusion, provision, suspension, discussion, commission, possession, impression, professional

High frequency words:

develop, individual, rhythm, ancient, dictionary



"The real value of your life can only be gauged by what it gives to the world."

Sir William Grenfell

Service is giving to others and wanting to make a difference in their lives. It is looking for ways to be helpful instead of waiting to be asked. The needs of others are as important to you as your own. When you work with service, you give any job your best effort. You make a real contribution. People who want to be of service can change the world.


Week 2

  • 12 Apr - G4 Expedition Parent briefing @ 7:30am

Week 3

  • 19 Apr - G4ABa/SDa Experiential Learning to Sungei Buloh
  • 20 Apr - G4JKa/ABo Experiential Learning to Sungei Buloh

Week 5

  • 2 May - School closed for May Day
  • 6 May - G4 Swim Gala

Week 6

  • 13 May - Founders' Day Mass @ 9am / early school closure

Week 7

  • 20 May - Family Picnic and Movie Night

Week 8

  • 24-27 May - G4 Expedition

Week 10

  • 10 Jun - House Year Celebration

Week 11

  • 15 Jun - What a Wonderful World Exit Point


4JKa Jessica Karam -
4ABo Annie Bonser -

4ABa and Head of Grade 4 Andrew Bazzo -

4SDa and Head of Middle Years Steve Dalgarno -

Esther Toh - Teaching Partner

Zou Ling Xue - Teaching Partner