Bill of rights

by maddie king block: 2 date:Dec18,2014

what is the bill of rights

the bill of right has all 10 amendments for the Us Constitution.

Amendment 1

the bill says people can gather in groups "religion" and complain about the government.

Amendment 2

the people have the right to protect them selves with weapons.

Amendment 3

A soldier can not walk into a privet home with out the content of the owner.

Amendment 4

police do not have the right to go into your home go threw your stuff and take it away with out a search warrant.

Amendment 5

If you commit a crime you have to go to a grand jury. The jury decides if you are guilty or not, if you are not guilty you cant be tried again.

Amendment 6

If you are guilty then you have to go to trail,(if found guilty then trail happens ASAP) It is open to the public it should not be kept a secret. the criminal has the right to share his or her story.

Amendment 7

Once you are in trial and guilty and the case has been decided, it cant be brought up in another case.

Amendment 8

Your crime should fit your punishment meaning you should not have to pay bail or a increasable fin. You can get punished in a cruel and mean way

Amendment 9

you cant fight over power except the government.

Amendment 10

If it is not a rule in the constitution then you/your sate have that power.
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