By: Michaela Fredrickson

What is it?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. Every person that gets Melanoma is different. It effects in different ways. Melanoma is one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer. It is the leading cause of death from a skin disease. Melanoma can also involve the colored part of the eye and infect it with cancer.

Who Gets It?

Everybody can get it. Men are more likely to get then women.

What Increase the risk of Melanoma?

Things that cause Melanoma are:

1. History of sunburn. 2. Much exposure to UV Rays. (sun)

3. Having unusual or large moles. 4. Family history of the cancer.

5. Week immune system.


  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery

What Can You Do To Prevent Melanoma?

  • Don't go tanning in a tanning bed.
  • Seek shade
  • Use sunscreen
  • See a Doctor if you have any concerns. DON'T WAIT!