The Intriguing Clam

Tala Atkinson


Would you believe that a small, powerless clam is able to roll across the ocean floor for a full mile in only five minutes time? In addition to this, it has the strength to bury itself over ten feet deep under a thick, muddy layer of sand. The clam is a fascinating, unique, skillful creature that lives in the gorgeous, colorful coral reefs. This marine animal has a wonderful appearance, beautiful habitat, and an intriguing diet.


Over all, these peculiar, unique, marine animals are not merely mindless shells, but skillful, fascinating, distinctive creatures. The clam’s intriguing habitat, odd diet, and interesting appearance make it one of the most captivating members of the undersea world. People from around the world are mesmerized by the sight of the many varieties of clam and continue to be amazed by the their unique abilities.

Think Tank

word wall

I made this word wall to help you further understand vocabulary for clams.
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This is a silly comic I made to help you understand just how old a clam can become
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This is a poem I made in class to show how different and odd clams are.

The Curious Clam

The Clam, The clam, the curious clam,

Must be so scared of being eaten by man!

Lives in in the sea, not in the land

I hope you are well Mr. Curious Clam.

The clam, the clam, I’m a big fan

Once I saw a giant clam, and away I ran!

It rolls around, along the sand

Where will you go next Mr. Curious clam.

go fish

For the go fish activity, We had a budget of $250, and had to make the best possible fish tank without going over budget. We decided to go with a coral reef theme, since we are studying Australia. We added several fish such as the Fancy Guppy and the Zebra Danio. These fish were colorful and interesting. We were under our budget and finished with $160. On our supplies we spent $129.22. Over all I enjoyed this activity and had fun creating my own fish tank.


My diorama includes a sea horse, a clam, a parrot fish, an octopus, a clown fish, a sea anemone, jelly fish, and a turtle. I added several shells and different types of coral. It was lots of fun to draw and create my own under water world.
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Giant Clam (Tridacna gigas) - Reef Reality Episode 8

types of clam