Ms. Ingle's 'Extra' Messages

EOG's & Muddy Sneakers

Our Final Muddy Sneakers Expedition

Our final Muddy Sneakers Expedition will be tomorrow! We are set to walk to Weaver Park in the afternoon. Our class will leave school at 12:20 and will return just before dismissal. We will work on catching and classifying aquatic animals. Students will be working in and around the creek in Weaver Park. They are welcome to bring shoes that are 'closed-toed' and can get wet. However, this is not a requirement. There will be large rubber boots provided for protection against items often found in urban creeks.

Please consider attending this final expedition! If you are unable to come during our class's time slot, but are still willing, let me know! I will happily pair you with another class at an earlier time.

I want to give a HUGE EOG shout out...but that doesn't seem enough...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! So many of you took time to send in healthy snacks, spa / relaxation items and breakfast items. Beyond that, several of you volunteered your time to come in and demonstrate strategies with our class in person. I am beyond grateful for the level of parent support and envolvement you have given this year. THANK YOU!!

Our class was well equipped and prepared for their testing days! They worked very hard and I am in no doubt that everyone did their absolute best. There were many times, I was very moved to see that there was no subtle pressure from other students to hurry other test-takers along. The environment in the testing room was one of unspoken encouragement and respect for one another's individual working needs. Our class has such a supportive and loving culture. Thank you for having wonderful children!

We have one more EOG test to do next week. We will take our Science test on Wednesday, next week.

Please enjoy the photos below...We had pre-test yoga / relaxation and post-test 'cold facials' to sooth frazzled nerves.