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A Maker Space in the Library?

Libraries have traditionally existed to provide patrons access to information with best practice libraries having collections that reflect the need and interests of the unique community they serve. With the information age upon us, libraries are now evolving from places where people merely consume information to places where people generate ideas. Best practice libraries today have Maker Spaces that provide patrons with access to new technologies that foster a creation mindset.

Maker Spaces in school libraries have an immense potential to support the school curriculum in both the area of content and competency development. Maker Spaces encourage hands-on learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills as students interact with different tools for making ranging from low tech tools such as sewing kits to high tech tools such as 3D Printers. Maker Spaces support changing modes of learning, encouraging a culture which supports knowledge creation rather than knowledge consumption. Maker Spaces encourage cross-disciplinary and social learning through collaboration. Maker Spaces encourage skills increasingly required in the 21st century workplace such as creativity and innovation.

Maker Space Kits will be available in the fall for teachers to sign out and use in your classrooms. Available kits include: Lego Mindstorm, Sphero Robots, Arduinos, Little Bits, Makey-Makeys, K'Nex, Snap Circuits, Origami, Knitting, Crochet, Felting, Stop Motion Animation and Green Screen Kit.

Our NEW 3D Printer is here and will be ready for patrons to use in the fall of 2016. We will model our practice after the public library. Patrons will have to be certified to use the printer, then sign up for time slots to print with the assistance of a Library Technician (a team of students is currently being trained). Classes will also be able to sign up to use the printer through the Library Schedule. More details to come in the fall!

Library Year End

Please make note of the following important dates:

June 7- Student & Teacher Library Books Due

June 8- Library Closed for Alternate Exams and Inventory

June 15- 27- Text Book Collection Before Exams- Teacher Volunteers Needed

June 24- Teacher Resources due back for Inventory