Wishing to file a lawsuit?

Wishing to get justice? You're in the right place.

Here's the first step: Come to our firm and file a complaint.

Describe what has happened. For instance if you have a personal injury you feel is the fault of another the complaint is where you put this information. You may seek a suit in equity if nothing has happened yet, or if something has happened, you make seek compensatory and possibly punitive damages. We'll take care of the legalities, and send a summons to the defendant that you have named in your complaint. In civil cases such as these, the plaintiff is you, the one filing the complaint, and the defendant has the complaint filed on them.

Next are the preparations for the trial.

In this stage, your lawyer from our firm will review the complaint and any "answers" that the defendant's lawyer has sent back. This is formally called a "pleading," and is also the time where our lawyers build your case with evidence. After this, a Pretrial Conference is usually called with both parties. The judge is present and both parties may clarify their case. If one party decides that the other case is very strong, they may offer a settlement. After this, if a settlement has not been offered, the civil case goes to trial. If this process does not sound appealing to you, please look into private mediation and arbitration. In these processes an unbiased third party helps resolve the issue.

The final step: the trial.

The trial will either consist of a 6-12 person jury or will have no jury and the judge will be responsible for the verdict. The plaintiff makes their case, and then the defendant will make their case. Keep in mind here that preponderance of evidence comes into play. Your evidence against the defendant much be proven to certain standards. After both cases are made, both parties close and the verdict is read. If we win, the defendant will pay the plaintiff and also pay for the court and legal fees. If we are unsuccessful, you have the right to appeal the decision and try again.