Accreditation Counts

Term 2 Wednesday week 6- Gorokan High School

27th May 2015 Gorokan High School

Accreditation Counts this term is at Gorokan High School. All staff will meet in the school Library and split into two groups. Group 1 will be teachers who require accreditation and group 2 are teachers on maintenance.

Group 1- Teachers who require accreditation- Stay in Library

Teachers who require accreditation will need to bring any evidence they have started to collect. Teachers will discuss standards their evidence meet, review annotations and start to write their own annotations to be provided with feedback.

Group 2- Maintenance- Computer Room

Teachers on maintenance will complete the first session of Project Based approaches - Intel course. This course looks at developing an action plan to include student directed project based approaches into a primary or secondary classroom. Once participating in term 2 sessions and term 3 session participants will gain 20 registered hours to go towards maintenance. For more information on Intel Project Based approaches please email

Accreditation Counts

Wednesday, May 27th, 3:30pm

Goobarabah Avenue

Gorokan, NSW

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Or search event ID- 106641