Miranda v. Arizona

The rights at risk


Ernesto Miranda is a man who was accused of raping a women. The cops had found him, and told him he was getting arrested. The cops had not told Ernesto his rights, so he had no idea he had the right to have an attorney. They had also forgot to tell him he had the rights of the fifth amendment. The case was then brought to the supreme court, which was a battle of rights.

Majority Opinion

The case was decided 5 to 4. The majority opinion had written that "The defendants arrested under state law must be informed of their constitutional rights against self - incrimination and to representation by an attorney before being interrogated when in police custody.". This statement made most of the court support Miranda.

Minority Opinion

The Minority Opinion had stated that Miranda should have known his rights, since he had been convicted of a crime before. "To warn the suspect that he may remain silent and remind him that his confession may be used in court are minor obstructions." they had said, giving reasons why they shouldn't be required to tell people their rights.

Court Opinion

The case was decided 5 to 4, with a result of Miranda winning. Chief Justice Warren had delivered the result to the court, explaining how the police had to tell him the rights he had to an attorney, and the right of self - incrimination.