CEO's Salary

Why do they get paid so much?

Is it fair for the boss to get paid ten times more than the labor workers?

I get that the CEO should get paid more than his or her workers, but i don't think they should be getting paid the extent that they do.
Why Do CEOs Make So Much Money?

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  • The fact that a man sitting behind a luxury desk while there are people sitting in cubicals doing all the work get paid way less, it really not that fair.
  • He might have worked his way up to that position, but its pretty hard to say its okay when the CEO is buying multiple houses when all of the other workers are living on a budget with a rented apartment.

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CEO's might come up with the ideas but they have the workers to help fulfill the ideas.

Many times workers are the ones who come up with the ideas and tell the CEO because its they're job to do so.

If the workers weren't there they wouldn't even be a CEO so why not pay them fairly?


Those who believe the CEO should get paid what they do, I understand because obliviously they got there with a lot of hard work and adversity.

They do must of the thinking and planning for all the workers so its not too hard for them.

But the fact that the CEO's get paid a ridiculous amount more than the workers, I don't agree with it.


We should make changes in society so all is fair and so families aren't struggling to pay ends rent.

CEO's need to get a pay cut and distribute it all to the other workers who do so much work for them.