Mission Statement draft

By Beth Causby

I am a pretty laid back person and I don't really like to work at a fast pace. I like to take things step by step so I can make sure I really understand the subject. When I get older I do not want to have a career in politics or anything like that because I don't think i'm very good in that kind of area. I definitely want to go to college and I think Appalachian might be a very possible choice. When we went for a tour of their campus I found out that App state has a very good Science program. I want to have a career in zoology. One day I want to be able to enjoy the career I chose and to understand it. I also want to work outside as much as possible. One thing I really want to succeed in this year is to pass all my classes with A's and B's. My long term goal is to complete high school and college and get a degree in zoology. My short term goal is to do more volunteer work and help more people in need. Another goal is that I want to have more confidence in myself and make many new friends. I know I can make these goals happen if I set my mind to it and don't give up no matter what.