By;Katelynn snyder-jones p.4


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The cowboy pro rider jumped into the air on the bull as it bucked and snorted inside of the stadium. Pro riders test there skills in rodeos. Rodeos are for showing a athletic talents while they celebrate western traditions.In a rodeo a cowboy or cowgirl ride a bull until they get bucked off with one arm in the air and one hanging on to the rope around the bulls neck.

In the year of 1989 the Indians were the first region to even proticapate in a rodeo. In this passage I leaned that a rodeo is not just for entertainment is to show talents and to have records. In a rodeo there are thease men called bull clowns there job is being reasponsable of keeping cowboys or cowgirls safe from the bulls. The bull clowns other job is called stand up comedy to make the odeance laugh and have fun.

The reason why a rodeo has animals is because when the Indians were in there dome [home] witch was also known as a rodeo. Cowboys have to wear spires witch are for telling the bull or horse to go faster. they also wear gloves they are for having a good grip and the belt is for when the cowboy or cowgirl leans forward the belt leans up on the bull or horse neck and makes the bull stay calm.