by Tyler Downer


The definition of a wetland is a land that's wet. There are more inland wetlands then anything else in the lower 48 states with 46.3 percent. About 53% of our wetlands since the 1600's have been lost. From 2004 to 2009 the U.S has lost about 62,300 acres. All of this destruction is caused by agricultural building.

The big 4

Swamp: A swamp is very special unlike other wetlands a swamp has trees! None of the other wetlands have trees they have grass and reeds. The swamps main predator is an alligator.

Marsh: The marsh is a type of wetland that is covered in a shallow water all year. The swamps are a excellent place for the plants that grow there which are cattails and reeds.

Bog: This is also a very special wetland. It is the only wetland that has peat! This wetland also has a vast variety of animals such as moose, beavers, and nesting birds.

Fen: Instead of water being above ground the water is underground! Fens are very damp and is a good place for amphibians to thrive.