Kindergarten News

Week of Feb.8th-12th

Zoo Field Trip: Feb.25th ( Thursday)

We are looking forward to our zoo field trip. If you have NOT donated towards our kindergarten field trip fund, please send $12 dollars. I have a list and I will send a note with a snack size bag attached. Please send the money no later than the 19th. If you can not make that donation, please let me know. I will be glad to help out.

This is what your child will need:

- carseat!

- brown bag lunch

- walking shoes

We will be attending a class presentation then riding the zoo bus.

Language Arts

We started learninng about blends. This month we are focusing on the - BL blend.

We also started writing our second book. We are cutting out pictures from magazines to inspire us. It's amazing how well they are writing!

100th Day of School Shirt and Items.. Feb.23rd

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Don't forget to start decorating your child's 100th Day T-Shirt! We will have a fashion show that day! I am also sending a ziplock bag today. This is the bag your child will bring in their 100 items. No FOOD and they all have to be the same thing. We don't want a bag full of random stuff. Good items to bring: 100 Q-Tips. rubberbands, shells, erasers and much more!


We didn't have all the ceral boxes wrapped, so we used bags instead. We had fun at our Valentine's Day Party! Look at our art work!!!


We are working on math problems, tally marks and graphs. I am teaching them different addition strategies, which the LOVE!