Angie Green

My Roles and How I Perform Them:

Current Position:

I am currently working a temporary full-time position as School Library Media Specialist at Sterling Middle School, in Peoria School District 150 (Peoria, Illinois). I have two and a half weeks to go in this position. I am also working part-time as a Reference Librarian at Illinois Central College in our Peoria downtown library working mostly with nursing and other medical students.

Technology Infrastructure Work Experience:

Nearly 25 years ago I was responsible for maintaining a System 36 mainframe computer and an AS400 mainframe computer. It was already established when I began working for the organization, however I did have to maintain the dumb terminals, back up floppies that were about 10 inches, etc. I am very comfortable with technology in general and have no problem "trying to figure it out." I currently set up our home simple network that has a pc, laptop, two tablet devices, two gaming systems on both wired internet access and wireless access. I have little to no experience on repairing hardware, but have experience with installing and updating software.

Expectations for the Course:

My expectations for the course are high. I am hoping to learn how to build a medium to large technology infrastructure as well as learn how to repair "broken" devices. I am also interested in discovering who people currently use for purchasing devices for their school districts as well as purchasing parts for repairs. I think it would be interesting to learn where old, outdated technology goes to die; at a former school district that I worked in, the equipment was recycled by a local company.