Costa Rica

Facts about Costa Rica

Land and Climate

Costa Rica covers about 19, 730 square miles. 50% of the land is covered in different kinds of forests. 30% of the land is reserved as a protected area. Costa Rica is no bigger than the state of West Virginia. The climate is mainly tropical, but the climate changes as elevation changes. The rainfall is between the months of May- November and December to the following April. The land has occasional volcanic eruptions, and has frequent earthquakes.

History and Government


Costa Rica's capitol is San Jose. One of Costa Rica's goals is to be one of the world's first carbon- neutral nations by 2021. The countries first female president was Laure Chinchilla. Costa Rica has one of the most stable democratic governments in Central America. In 1821 Costa Rica joined other Central American nations. In the year 1838 Costa Rica became a sovereign nation. Some of the cultures were influenced by Mayan civilization. Costa Rica means " Rich Coast".


The tourism industry is important to the economy of Costa Rica. Tourists are particually drawn to the protected areas. eco tourism has grown popular in the past few years. Not only does tourism contribute to the economy, but so does their manufacturing industries. Manufacturing contributes more to the economy than agriculture. Costa Rica exports coffee, bananas, beef, sugar, cocoa, and fertilizer. Ornamental flowers are becoming important export. Costa Rica is one of the worlds largest banana producers.


Day 1: Travel from Chicago to Costa Rica ( two stops )

Day 2: Arrive in Costa Rica, Check into hotel Residence Inn,

Meals: Lunch: Casa Luisa Dinner: Casa Luisa

Activity: Horse back riding, shopping

Day 3:

Activity: White Water Rafting

Meals: Breakfast: Casa Luisa Lunch: Moe's Dinner: Moe's

Day 4:

Activity: San Jose city tour

Meals: Breakfast: Cafe Mundo Lunch: Moe's Dinner: Moe's


Activity: Shopping, Crocodile Tour

Meals: Breakfast: Cafe Mundo Lunch: Bacchus Dinner: Hippo's Grill and Tavern

Day 6:

Activity: Canopy Tour, Boat Tour, spa

Meals: Cafe Mundo Lunch: Moe's Dinner: Casa Luisa

Day 7:

Traveling home

Vacation Costs:

Combined with every activity, meal, hotel room for every day, and combined traveling costs

Travel Costs: $ 869, plus the way back

Lodging Costs: $ 1,174

Meals: $640

Activities: $1, 912

Shopping: $450

All the prices shown above are combined with every meal, activity, etc.


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