South Western Elementary

Personalization Update - March 2016

What's Happening Now?

Our elementary personalization committee met on Tuesday, March 15th. I'm excited to share that we had quite a few new faces who have joined the committee since our last meeting! Remember... It's never too late to become involved in this committee!

Committee members who attended the National Personalization Conference in Baltimore had the opportunity to share. Here are a few "take-aways" from the conference:

  • We are a step above where others are right now.
  • Take it slow. Plan your vision.
  • Don't let technology drive your vision. Your learning should drive the tools you use.
  • Have good leadership. Have a culture of trust.
  • Need to be on the same page together, even with our vocabulary.

Sub-Committees Hard at Work!

During our March meeting, the three elementary personalization sub-committees were able to share various discussions they have had during their own meetings. As a reminder, the 3 sub-committees are: Scheduling - Time and Place, Planning for Learning, and Learning Techniques and Strategies.

Our next steps between now and April 12th include:

  • Each Sub-Committee will determine what a 5-year plan could include.
  • Principals will take the first-draft 5-Year plans from each sub-committee and develop further
  • Principals will share the full document with the committee
  • Revisions will be made based on whole-group discussion of 5-Year Plan

Come learn more....

Join us for the next Elementary Personalization Committee meeting on Monday, April 18th at Baresville Elementary School at 2:40 PM!