A Stereotypical Pirate

By Britney Talevska

As I crouch behind the barrel of swords I catch a glimpse of the diseased, old creature. I see him walk onto the boat with his peg leg and parrot. He is there, that sinister, threatening beast. He looks as if he’s been starved. As I take a good whiff of his despicable odour he looks back at me with his maggot eaten eye, and then he continues onto the boat. As I slowly sneak onto the boat and overwhelming smell washes over me. All I can smell is salty seaweed, B.O and, lemons? I can also smell the horrible stench of rum.

As I am at least two centemetres away from him I pounce, grabbing onto his oily, wirey beard and his wrinkly skin, as tough as a leather belt. Then I hear the sound of his bothered, angry voice. It’s more like a roar if you ask me. He growls at me then smacks me off his back, but his evil voice slowly follows his cutlass as he lashes it at me. I swipe it put of his hand and bite his leg making him stumble and fall over. His leg tasted like rotting flesh and salty fish scales. I had to get off this boat so I decided to jump off! I waved goodbye and swam to shore. I never went back again.

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