Beliefs Systems

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Buddhism was found by a man named Siddhartha. The holy book for Buddhism is Tripitaka. Buddhism started in Egypt. Buddhism believe that there is no God and there is suffering reincarnation. The way the Buddhist practice is by meditating.

How Buddhism affect a persons life like it teaches you how not to want have pain and suffering. They also try to forgive for the bad things that people did.

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Hinduism is a polytheism religion. There more than one founder of Hinduism but the Aryans found it. Hinduism originated from India. Hindus believe in reincarnation caste system, karma, dharma, moksha. They practice their religion by praying.

How Hinduism affect the life of a Hindu because Hinduism teaches you how to treat other with generosity . Like Karma teaches you if you want to have a better life you should treat people better with respect.

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The founder of Confucianism is Kung Fu Tza (Confucius). The holy book is Chu Hsi. Confucianism started in China then spread out to South East and East. Confucius believed

educate people to be self-motivated and self-controlled, and to enable people to assume their responsibilities and that there is no God. They don't practice their religion.

How Confucianism affects people's life is by making people smarter and getting their self confidence up. Also is to plan their future by finding what their best at.

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Moses was the main founder of Judaism and the Torah is their holy book. Judaism started in Israel and spreaded out to the Jewish people around Israel during the Babylonian exile. Judaism people Jesus did not fulfill messianic prophecies that establish the criteria for the coming of the messiah. Jewish people practice their religion by doing rituals.