Zachary Beaver by Kimberly Holt

Summarized by Antonio Phillips

Intro Summary:

The story is about a really fat kid who is really over weight. He is the Fates boy in the world and don't care about health. Zachary really wants friends but can't get any because he thinks his weigh stop people from talking to him. It all changes for him when a boy name Toby Wilson starts talking to him. Toby friend Cal wants to be Zachary friend too and hang out
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Zachary Beaver-The second main carter of the story and he's is really fat. He is 643 pound and could die with his health. He is an orphan and stays in a trailer and can't fit trough the door.

Toby Wilson-The first main character if the book who misses his mom and very smart. His dad takes care of him while his mom is gone. He has blond hair with brown eyes and use them for a lot of girls. He's the lady's man to every girl.

Opalina Wilson- He is Toby's mom and wants to be a country western singer. She is Otto's wife to and lies to her son about leaving her dad because he's not good enough

Cal McKnight-He is the best friend of Toby and has a 2 older brothers and 1 sister. One of his brothers die. He works on a cotton farm and don't have a lot of money. He is really close to his family especial his brother.

Wayne McKnight- Wayne is the older brother of Cal and want to war. He always wrights to his family to tell them how he's doing. Wayne also was very close to Toby and care about him to.

Paulie Rankin- He is so mean to Zachary and is the guardian of Zachary. He sells all the tickets for people to see how big he was. He don't care about Zach only the money.

Scarlett- This is the girl that Toby likes a lot and her boyfriend is juan. She thinks Toby as a friend not a boyfriend. She always goes to the lake to think and keep her calm.

Juan- The only Mexican in the whole school that he goes to. He plays on the baseball team and is Scarlett Boyfriend. He is really poor to and don't want to tell people.

Otto Wilson- The Father of Toby and can't cook at all. His Wife is Opalina and she sings and love her a lot.

Whylie Womack- He is a kind of weird person and don't talk to people but Toby. He owns a Snow cone stand to make his money to.

Sheriff Fetterman- He is the town sheriff and is nice to everyone and people. He keep all the animals in is house thats left outside too.


There are many conflicts in the story Zachary Beaver. The two main conflict is first Zachary gets laugh at for his weight and makes a new friend. Second Toby wants his mom to come home and make Zachary his friend. The first conflict is man vs. man because he gets laught at and picked on from other people around him and hate it. The second is Man vs. Man because Toby wants his mom back but she tells him she needs to finish he singing. It is Internal conflict to the character Toby and Zachary.


1.Toby needs two dollars from Cal to see the trailer and inside of it.

2.Cal and Toby see the fattest boy in the world Zachary Beaver.

3.Scarlett goes with Juan to see Zachary too and laugh.

4.Scarleet was in shock and pee on herself and didn't move.

5.Zachary had Scarlet moved from the trailer and everyone laugh at her.

6.Toby went out and talked about how she is mean.

7.Cal goes home and put up a flag for his bother Wayne

8.Toby and Cal both went to the library for school.

9.The library lady was nice to both of them and gave answers to a test.

10.They where going to the Judge wedding and everyone in town was there.

11.He became really ill and sick for his wedding.

12.After the wedding the boys went to the store and bought groceries.

13.They brought Zachary some candy too to eat with them.

14.Later on they found out that Cal brother died and they had a funeral.

15.Toby didn't want to show up and later his mom came back.


“Yeah. Didn't you ever want anything in the back of a magazine.” (Kimberly, 101).

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Holt, Kimberly. Zachary Beaver, 2016 Scholastic Inc. New York.

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