Who invented AC?

George Westinghouse vs. Nikola Telsa

George Westinghouse

  • The concept of AC was made before Telsa was born.
  • He was able to continue the concept of AC.
  • Telsa worked for him.
  • He built 3 generator at Niagara fall to help futher the concept of AC.
  • First commercial AC system in U.S. designed by Westinghouse.

Fun fact- Not all facts are fun

Nikola Telsa

  • He did help improve on AC concept.
  • He argued in court that he "dream up" a polyphase motor, with no evidence. (He manage to win this case which gave him credit to most inventions.)
  • Telsa mainly got credit for inventions he helped on.
  • He studied AC while in college.
  • He was not indispensable to getting AC in place as the dominant means of electric power transmission.

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