Come To The Teeming City

The city that never sleeps! The City of the future!

If you want to make millions and live in the most technologically advanced city in the world come to us! We offer the most up to date technology including televisions, hairdryers, automobiles and much more!

Enjoy some Jazz played by Louis Armstrong, Bessie smith, and Jack Teagarden

Dance to the jazz with some of the most modern dance moves featuring the Charleston, the Peabody, Turkey Trot and more!

Make Millions In A Day! And Spend It In the Next!

Four steps

1. Invest into stocks

2. Collect the money

3. Spend it on drinks at the speakeasies or at a local jazz performance

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for a happy life!

Watch Modern Entertainment!

You can now watch the all known best player of all time, Babe Ruth right here in town.

You can watch local jazz performers

You can invest in the future of Entertainment, the television.

If your trying find housing LOOK HERE!!!

We can offer you many different sized mansions

Or modern apartments and houses of all shapes and sizes!

If any of these apply to you, come on down to the city!

  1. You have an interest in music
  2. You like money
  3. You like technology
  4. You want to be successful.