The Day of Doom

by David Baldachi

By Ikenna Oligbo

David Baldacci is the writer of The Day of Doom and he wrote other books like The Hit and The Innocent


There is this thirteen year old boy named Dan and his sixteen year old sister named Amy embark on a journey to save nine hostages and save the world from the Vespers. A secret organization that kidnapped the hostages and made a Doomsday Device that they are planning on destroying the world with. Now it is up to Dan and Amy to save the world along with their two friends, Jake and Atticus, and rescue the hostages.

The characters

I like this book because it has a lot of twist and turns and it will get you saying " I did not see that coming." I recommend this book to everybody who likes mystery's because with this book you will not notice anything by the time you flip the page you will be anxious to know what happened.