FSHS Yearbook Portrait Photos

Two Options for 2021

Seniors vs. 9-11 Graders

Deadlines to submit portrait images are as follows...

9-11 Grade: Friday, December 18, 2020

Seniors: Friday, January 15, 2021

Photos submitted late or that do not meet the "Portrait Guidelines" listed below will not be published. Make sure to read ALL of the information in this flyer to avoid disappointment later.

Option 1: Take a Photo at School

Individual school pictures are being taken the week of December 14-18. Students can have their photo taken during this time and do not have to do anything else. The school photographer provides all of the portrait images to the yearbook staff.

  1. Hybrid students are taking their picture during their English class while at school.
  2. Remote students wanting to take a school picture need to come to the school, on their alpha day during their English class time slot.

  • Group A - Last Names A - E attend on Monday, December 14
  • Group B - Last Names L - R attend on Tuesday, December 15
  • Group C - Last Names F - K attend on Thursday, December 17
  • Group D - Last Names S - Z attend on Friday, December 18

Example for remote students - if my last name begins with "G" and my English class is during fourth hour - I would come to the school on Thursday at 11:00 for my school picture.

Students will enter the building through the gym entrance. Pictures will be taken in the small gym.

Option 2: Submit a Photo Online

Senior Deadline: January 15, 2021

9-11 Grade Deadline: December 18, 2020

Students who cannot make it to school to have their photo taken by the school's portrait photographer Dec 14-18 CAN submit a photo that follows our "Portrait Guidelines." The guidelines have been developed to provide consistency among photos in the yearbook portrait section. Please do your part to follow the guidelines provided below.

Note: Images that do not follow the "Portrait Guidelines" can be rejected for publication.

Use our publisher's photo sharing website to upload a portrait image that fits the "Portrait Guidelines" listed below.

School Code (all lowercase): firebird

Follow the instructions provided to upload the best photo of your student for their final yearbook image.


Visit this page to watch videos demonstrating "How To Upload" from your Smartphone with the HJeShare App OR on your computer using www.hjeshare.com.

NOTE: Portraits are only accepted via the HJeShare.com website. Printouts or those emailed will NOT be accepted for publication.

FSHS Portrait Guidelines

The Talon reserves the right to remove student photos that include inappropriate content or violates copyright. The Talon will deny printing of any photo that ...

is NOT in color

does NOT have a Plain/neutral background

does NOT have a Full face view, facing forward

does NOT fit school dress code guidelines

uses creative filters or photographic treatments

includes weapons or hand signs of any kind

promotes tobacco, liquor or any activity that is illegal for students

violates district discrimination or bullying policies

● The Talon reserves the right to edit photos to fit our style guidelines

We're All in This (Yearbook) Together!!

Images that vary widely in perspective, depth of field, backgrounds can be jarring and detract from individual student images. The "Portrait Guidelines" help provide consistency so each student is on their best display.
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