SS Enterprise! March 2015

The March Winds Doth Blow....

Support Staff Meeting - When We Will See You Again, Sweet, Sweet Support Staff?

Hello SS,

Wow! The end of the year is almost on us and the schedule is getting full! Can everyone meet this Thursday, 3/26 - 4-5:30? or Monday, March 30th - 4-5:30? Which date is better for all of us? Please let me know by Tuesday of this week so I can plan accordingly! Thanks!

We have several exciting conversations that Admin and our Leadership Team have planned for us and our team needs "transformed!" Please make the necessary arrangements to attend!

TELPAS is this WEEK!

Remember, the Computer Lab is CLOSED this week to any outside activity! The Computer Lab is only being used for TELPAS Testing this week! No exceptions! Thanks!

- Ms. Kate and Mr. Aguilar!

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Black History Presentation

The Black History Presentation date has changed. Save the date!

Friday, March 27th, in the Gym, at 1:30pm.

Coach D has done an exceptional job at working with all grade levels and working with Ms. Forster in organizing a great presentation! Kudos Coach D!! Looking forward to a moving experience!

What Makes a LEADER? What is Your Leadership Style?

Before attending our next Support Staff meeting, be sure to take the Leadership Quiz (Located in the Art Room) and be prepared to share "WHERE YOU are COMING FROM!"

In addition:

Where Do You Want to Go!

What is your vision for yourself?

For our Support Staff Team?

What can you do to transform our team?

What gifts do you bring?


Bring $1 for our SS Brag Jar!

Bring a SWEET NOTE of KUDOS to someone you'd like to celebrate!

Bring some chocolate to share! lol

Bring (or email) your Vision Statement to me this week! Thanks!!

Self Regulation is Learned: The Behavior isn't Always Intentional!

What is self-regulation? Come to our staff meeting, ready to discuss and share your strategies for how to respond to those students that have a harder time self- regulating! What works for you? What have you read? How do you self-regulate yourself? Read the Adult Preference Sensory Motor Checklist and learn something about yourself!