Module 14 Lesson 1 Assignment

By: Lauren Parker

Hormone levels

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How does the endometrial lining change due to hormones?

In the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the lining becomes thin. Once the period is over, the estrogen hormone makes the lining thicker before ovulation.

How do hormones effect folicular development?

at the start of the cycle, increased levels of FSH make the ovarian follicle mature. the follicular cell then produces an increase in the level of estrogen.
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How does each hormone fluctuate during the cycle?

During the menstrual cycle, hormone levels of LH stay low and the surge up. FSH starts low, gets higher, reaches its peak, and then falls back down. Progesterone and estrogen go up and down during the entire cycle because they depend on each other.

How does pregnancy affect hormone levels?

During pregnancy, the hormones LH and FSH are not present because they do not need to trigger ovulation anymore. Progesterone and estrogen rise up to allow the baby to grow. The hormone HCG is also produced during pregnancy

How does the endometrial lining change during pregnancy?

The lining of the uterus begins thick due to hormones. If a pregnancy does not occur, the lining size is reduced during the menstrual cycle