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Here at Murchison Middle School, we are AVID! Take a look through our year in AVID and Schoolwide as we showcase what we've been learning.

Essential 1

Student Selection

AVID student selection must focus on students in the middle, with academic potential, who would benefit from AVID support to improve their academic record and begin college preparation.
Interview Response Forms for 2015-2016

Click on the tab labeled 2015-2016 for current year AVID Students.

Essential 2

Voluntary Participation

AVID program participants, both students and staff, must choose to participate in the AVID program.
Teacher Response Form for AVID Elective Position

These results are from teachers who applied for the AVID Elective positions available.

Weekly AVID Curriculum Planning Meetings

AVID teachers meet every week after school to talk curriculum and AVID strategies.
Parent Resources

Parents have access to resources through the AVID website to help build the home-school connection.

Essential 3

AVID Elective

The school must be committed to full implementation of AVID, with students enrolled in the AVID year-long Elective class(es) available within the regular academic school day.

Research in the AVID Elective

AVID students share products from research and use of technology in AVID as well as core content classes


AVID events and opportunities are announced during advisory, tweeted out, included in our school newspaper and posted on our school website.


Library Resources

Dedicated page on the Matador Library website to facilitate college and career research. These links are used with AVID as well as school wide in other electives and classes who study college and career choices.

Essential 4

Rigorous Curriculum

AVID students must be enrolled in a rigorous course of study that will enable them to meet requirements for university enrollment.

91.6% of AVID students are in Honors classes.

C-Notes 2015-16
Agenda 2015-16

80% Passing Rate for 5th Grading Period

132/166 Passed every class!

Essential 5

Organizational Skills

Instructional strategies are taught in the AVID Elective class to develop students’ organizational skills that promote academic self-management.
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Essential 6

Writing and Reading

A strong, relevant writing and reading curriculum provides a basis for instruction in the AVID Elective class.
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Essential 7

Inquiry and Collaboration

Inquiry and collaboration are used as a basis for instruction in the AVID Elective class and to promote critical thinking.
Students Leading Small Group Discussion
Philosophical Chairs
AVID problem solving
AVID Marble Bandana (b)

Essential 8


A sufficient number of tutors must be available in the AVID Elective class(es) to facilitate student access to rigorous curriculum. Tutors should be students enrolled in colleges and universities, who can mentor students and facilitate tutorials, and they must be trained to implement the methodologies used in AVID.

Student Initiated Algebra CSG

AVID students felt they needed additional support for Algebra, so they created an after-school Algebra collaborative study group that is open to all Algebra students.

Essential 9

Data Collection and Analysis

AVID program implementation and student progress must be monitored through the AVID Center Data System, and results must be analyzed to ensure success.

Essential 10

Resources Committed

The school or district has identified resources for program costs, has agreed to implement all AVID Essentials and to participate in AVID Certification. It has committed to ongoing participation in AVID professional learning.

image: http://www.avid.org/avid-schoolwide.ashx

Essential 11

Site Team

An active, interdisciplinary AVID site team collaborates on issues of student access to and success in rigorous college preparatory courses.

Meet our Site Team

Our Site Team consists of teachers across all grade levels, academic areas, and electives, as well as administration, librarian, and counselors. Students, tutors, and parents are encouraged to be active members.
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AVID Online Resources

Using bookmarkee.com, we've compiled a list of websites and online resources that support the following areas:
  • College & Career
  • Field Trips
  • Minute to Win It Videos

AVID Field Trips

AVID Strategies Front and Center at Campus Professional Development

AVID Guest Speakers

Additional Guest Speakers include: Anderson High School AVID Teacher Jarell Routt and Assistant Principal Megan Tesano, motivational speaker Sugar Ray Destin, and University of Texas Paleontologist J. Chris Sagebeil.

AVID Family Night

College Culture at Murchison

AVID Community Service Day

AVID Outreach


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