Digital Badging

February 2016 Issue 3

Badge Stats to Date

  • Digital Badges issued so far: 5,740
  • Digital Badges issued this school year: 5,238
  • Schools who are Badging: 13
  • Community Endorsers: 14

Program Update

Did you know that your school can Digitally Badge students involved in athletics, clubs, and other programs? Maybe you're leading a Poetry Club after school and you really want to recognize the skills your students are developing. By connecting Digital Badges to the club or sport you lead, your students will be on the path towards earning even more reward opportunities.

Bright Spots

North Middle School teachers are dedicated to having their students earn Digital Badges. Due to the amazing efforts of their teachers, over 196 Digital Badges have been issued at this school since January! Students at North are definitely developing 21st Century Skills which will enable them to be postsecondary and workforce ready.Way to go Lindsey Tinnell, Daphne Stephens, Brittany Pacheco, and Loretta Erickson for being amazing role models and advocates for the Digital Badge program!

Endorser Highlight

Do students at your school love to create and innovate? If so, they would love to earn a reward with our Community Endorser, Opera Colorado. Founded in 1983, Opera Colorado “enriches quality of life through opera performances” with the hopes of inspiring their audiences and community.

Students who receive the Invention Summit Badge may choose this opportunity and go on a backstage tour while also learning about why the 21st Century Skill of Invention is critical to this non-profit.

February Tip of the Month: Put Badging in the Hands of your Students!

Students are pretty quick at figuring out how to effectively use and navigate websites. Put Badging in the hands of your students by having them upload their own evidence when applying for Badges on Credly. Invite Badge Partner Amanda McLean into your classroom to introduce Badging to your students, and allow her to show your students how to access the website and apply for the Badges you have already mapped to your instruction. Your students can become completely independent in utilizing the Badge website and uploading information to Credly (our Digital Badge platform).

Upcoming Training: Digital Badging Collaborative Work Session

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 4:30-5:30pm

ESC 1 Suite 110 Ed Tech Lab

At each session we'll provide an update about the resources being developed to help teachers issue badges in their classrooms. After that brief update, teachers will choose from 3 different breakout groups that will meet their differentiated support needs whether they are beginning to identify badging opportunities in their classrooms, needing training with the Credly platform, or seeking feedback.

Sign up on Avatar for this course: Digital Badging Collaborative Work Session 2.24.16 (4389.5716)

Other Trainings

Digital Badging Virtual Office Hours
  • Thursday, March 10, 4:10-5:10
  • Sign up on Avatar: Digital Badging Virtual Office Hours 3.10.15 (4390.5707)

Digital Badging Collaborative Work Session

  • Wednesday, March 23, 4:3--5:30
  • ESC 1 Suite 110 Ed Tech Lab
  • Sign up on Avatar: Digital Badging Collaborative Work Session 3.23.16 (4389.5718)

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Amanda Rose McLean - Digital Badge Partner

Feel free to contact me with questions. I would love to stop by your room and listen for Badging opportunities!
Digital Badge Website

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