6th grade science lab

summer packet science project

Coolest Science Lab Ever!

This year science is going to be so much fun! We will do a lot of hands on projects. We will disect different types of animals. This year science is going to be outstanding!

Learning From A Different Angle

The tables will be placed around the walls in the shape of the letter U. The learning experience will be better because all the students will be able to hear and see everybody. When we do projects or the teacher is speaking we will be able to see and participate easily.

A Lab Demonstration Area

This is going to be a table on wheels that can easily be moved around the room. On the lab demonstration area we will look in microscopes, we will show our projects, we will watch presentations and more!

Pictures Of Our Lab

Guaranteed To Be Exciting and Fun

Topics to be Discussed in the science room

  • how God has impacted science
  • different inventions in science
  • careers in science